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 Parish Youth Honors Mass

The Diocese of Greensburg has long recognized young men and women who are transitioning into adulthood in outstanding ways. Nominees for the Parish Youth Honors should demonstrate that they are living strong Catholic lives marked by active faith, moral integrity, leadership and service. They must be graduating high school seniors who have participated for at least three years in parish life or a youth ministry program in their parish or region. Bishop Edward C. Ma​lesic will celebrate a eucharistic liturgy at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Greensburg to recognize these young people. Please consider joining us in honoring our youth. A reception will follow Mass.

Clergy, permanent deacons, faith formation directors, and youth and young adult ministers are invited to nominate young people to receive this award. The nomination process opens in May of each year.​​​

 Youth Honors Recipients 2019

​​Below you will find a list of all 2019 recipients.
AhearnOur Lady of Grace ParishGreensburg
AnselminoSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton ParishNorth Huntingdon
AugustineSt. John the Evangelist ParishLatrobe
AultHoly Family ParishSeward
BachSeven Dolors ParishYukon
Barkley-MastalskiSt. Barbara ParishHarrison City
BassSt. Bernard of Clairvaux ParishIndiana
BelakSt. Benedict ParishMarguerite
BellBlessed Sacrament Cathedral ParishGreensburg
BisignaniOur Lady of Grace ParishGreensburg
BisignaniOur Lady of Grace ParishGreensburg
BlanishSeven Dolors ParishYukon
BodnarSt. Benedict ParishMarguerite
BoylanSt. Mary Our Lady of Guadalupe ParishKittanning
BrechtSacred Heart ParishJeannette
BrownHoly Family ParishSeward
BuergerHoly Family ParishLatrobe
BuergerHoly Family ParishLatrobe
BuggeyChurch of the Good Shepherd ParishKent
BuggeySt. Thomas More University ParishIndiana
BullochSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton ParishNorth Huntingdon
BurdSt. John the Evangelist ParishConnellsville
BurkhardtSS. Simon and Jude ParishBlairsville
CandeloreSt. Edward ParishHerminie
CapsambelisSt. Margaret Mary ParishLower Burrell
CesarChurch of the Good Shepherd ParishKent
CollierImmaculate Conception ParishIrwin
DaubyMother of Sorrows ParishMurrysville
DeMarchisSt. Barbara ParishHarrison City
DemkoSacred Heart ParishJeannette
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