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 The Well: Hear His VOICE, Answer The Call

The 2020 Diocese of Greensburg Men’s Conference

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Westmoreland County Community College

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 Session A Workshops


​A Living Faith That Matters (Session A1)
Speaker: Gregory Coogan


​Abundantly Better: A Catholic Conversion Story (Session A2)
Speaker: Joe Austin


​Growth in Virtue and Self Mastery (Session A3)
Speaker: Mark Houck


​Going From Overwhelmed to Fulfilled (Session A4)
Speaker: Mark Joseph


St. Joseph and His Work (And Us and Ours) (Session A5)
Speaker: Mike Aquilina


​The Healing of Wounded Souls (Session A6)
Speaker: Rev. Paul CB Schenck, EdD


​God and Science: Where Does the Evidence Lead? (Session A7)
Speaker: Steven R. Hemler


​ Our Daily “Yes!”: The beauty and struggle of answering God’s call each day. (Session A8)
Speaker: Chris Rogers


​ The Search for True Meaning in American Culture (Session A9)
Speaker: Tim Chirdon


​ Men's Spirituality 2020: Attractions and Distractions (Session A10)
Speaker: Monsignor James T. Gaston

 Session B Workshops


​ The Catholic Generation (Session B1)
Speaker: Rory Mitrik


​ Responding as Men of Faith in an Increasing Secular Culture (Session B2)
Speaker: Msgr. Larry Kulick


​ Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in an Age of Distraction (Session B3)
Speaker: Fr. Michael Darcy, C.O.


​ Spiritual Warfare: Demonic Infulences in Our Lives (Session B4)
Speaker: Rev John A Szada Jr, PhD


​ The Bible in Catholic Life and Tradition (Session B5)
Speaker: Timothy Gabrielli, Ph.D.


​ Man Up, God's Calling You (Session B6)
Speaker: Rev. Tyler Bandura


​ The Epidemic of Loneliness (Session B7)
Speaker: Scott Lieb


​ Masculine Love as Lived by the Apostles (Session B8)
Speaker: Fr. James Farnan


​ "Who Are You And What Water Are You Drinking?" (Session B9)
Speaker: Gregory Callaghan


​ 5 Tools That Every Disciple Should Utilize (Session B10)
Speaker: Jonah Paul Soucy

 Session C Workshops


​ Man-Spiration: Living as the man of God He created you to be. (Session C1)
Speaker: Chris Rogers


​ Dad, Show Me That I Matter To You (Session C2)
Speaker: Gregory Coogan


​ Viewing Women as God Does (Session C3)
Speaker: Joe Austin


​ Healing from Addiction, Abandonment, Loneliness, and Trauma (Session C4)
Speaker: Mark Houck


​ Going From Success to Significance (Session C5)
Speaker: Mark Joseph


​ Walking with the Angels (Session C6)
Speaker: Mike Aquilina


​ Which is True: Creation, Evolution, or Both? (Session C7)
Speaker: Steven R. Hemler


​ The Mystical Body of Christ: Community Beyond the Club (Session C8)
Speaker: Timothy Gabrielli, Ph.D.


​ A Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Life (Session C9)
Speaker: Rev. Shawn Anderson


​ Heroic Virtue (Session C10)
Speaker: Will Smith